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Ваші контактні дані

is your address?

She Irish. She's Scottish.

This is my school. name is The Community School.

'Two postcards, please'. 'These or ?'

My brother history at university.

you like Arabic food?

Why Ben like me? I'm always nice to him.

It's .

Is their ?

The man a suit.

Oh no! The neighbours a party again.

It rained and I didn't the house.

I usually have dinner but not .

Her birthday is 8th July.

It's in your country.

Karen tomorrow night?

Can you believe it? Frank is as as Henry.

I have a shower and dressed every morning.

Who the doctor?

He kissed her the cheek.

It when I left the office, and I didn't have an umbrella.

'Have you ever to a fancy dress party?' 'No, I hate them'.

They're too young to get married. I think they wait a few years.

If sunny at the weekend, shall we have a barbeque?

Since 2010 we have hired new workers.

If we get there early, we have a coffee while we wait.

'How long in this class?' 'Since last week'.

The basketball team hasn't won a match 2000.

My brother's got a very habit of always interrupting people.

I think Philip is going to study at university in UK.

I an orange juice and the cheesecake, please.

Sarah Spanish for three moths now.

This a local park, but now it's a housing estate.

The actor was injured while the film .

I that dress if it was cheaper.

I hate questions about my age.

We can't afford on holiday this year.

The person I feel sorry for is Jo.

If you decide to work for us, we will you with everything you need.

The managers are good progress with their new online project.

The street looked beautiful because it all night.

much happier if she less.

I wish I those things last night.

The report you gave me, Miss Brown, is very . I am afraid that you will have to write it again.

What was from your house?

She really tired because she fell asleep at once.

The headline says that neither the lions nor the bear escaped from the zoo in Japan.

She told me she her assignment.

I suppose the Prime Minister the nation this week.

It was a great film but we all at the tragic ending.

Competiton has increased and it is time to reconsider our strategy.

He regrets lies when he was 12 years old.

older do you realize how special it is to travel.

They didn't sell the product spending a lot of money on advertising.

She's perfectly happy to do the project on her own so I think you'd say she's .

Gatwick airport is in southern England.

Marcus drives safely. , he's had several accidents last year.

The judge, along with the prosecutor, shortly.

I love gardening and in spring and summer it takes most of my free time.

Mark earns just enough to ends meet, so he's looking for a higher paying job abroad.

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